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Cover of Shadow Within

The Rhaslok Chronicles Book 1

A colony destroyed. A family killed. A girl abducted.

After Kara is abducted and turned into an illegal bio-cybernetic weapon by criminals, she must choose between revenge or survival.

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Cover of Shadow Within

The Rhaslok Chronicles Book 2

They're back. Will Kara obey orders or risk everything?

Kara is prepared for a routine mission into the Jade Zone, but when Dark Raiders attack she is forced to either obey orders or risk everything to save a group of strangers.

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About the Author

Amber Forbes accidentally moved overseas and became an actual alien. After battling the huge temptation to just read and play games all day, she instead delved into her own universes. Especially ones exploring concepts of society and humanity, finally finding a use for her degree in international studies and politics. But don’t worry, they’re also full of aliens, spaceships, and questionable choices.

When not writing, she can be found spoiling her four cats or playing the latest cross-platform video games.

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